Overjoyed Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling As She Leaves Shelter To Go Home

Did you ever get so excited that you just can’t hide it? Despite her rough start in life and landing in an animal shelter, Matilda the Pit Bull puppy constantly smiled. At the Douglas County Animal Shelter, they discovered she had stomach worms, irritated skin, and wasn’t feeling too good.

The whole time, she wagged her tail anyway–  and always looked so happy. Pibbles & More Animal Rescue’s coordinator, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, took notice of the happy pup and decided to get her a foster home. When the woman went to get the puppy, this is the face she made during the car ride. The rescue group posted the photo to their Facebook page and said, “She is pure, pure joy.”Pibbles and More Animal Rescue’s facilitator, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, paid heed to the glad little guy and chose to get her a cultivate home.

At the point when the lady went to get the young doggie, this is the face she made amid the vehicle ride. The safeguard bunch presented the photograph on their Facebook page and stated, “She is unadulterated, unadulterated euphoria.”

It didn’t take long for Matilda’s foster parent, Kerrie Rich, to fall head over heels in love with her. Rich reports that Matilda fits in with her other foster dogs, plays with toys, and hangs out with the neighbors, too! We are so happy she found someone to take care of her!


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