Pregnant Dachshund Has Giant Belly, But Rescuers Are Stunned When She Starts Giving Birth

In this story, we meet Maria. A dachshund who is paralyzed from her ribs down but was bred by her owners anyway! Can you imagine? Can you say cruel and heartless?! When the cruel owners realized that the only way Maria would be able to deliver the babies was with a C-section (that would cost them $3,000), they abandoned her! This poor dog never had a chance, she will be emotionally scarred and damaged for the rest of her days. The protect association called Friends of Emma ventured in and spared Maria’s life! At the vet, they discovered that Maria had frailty caused by an insect invasion and a few other infections.

Although numerous activists for every living creature’s common sense entitlement are battling and raising their voice against pup processes in which hounds are reared again and again in frightful and obtuse conditions, there are as yet numerous that are kept running by individuals who make benefit by offering pups. Maria is only one of the great number of dogs that are kept in cramped conditions in these puppy farms. She didn’t have it easy as her health condition was extremely poor, but was bred anyways. This poor mother-to-be is paralyzed from the ribs down and having the babies could put her life in danger. Her owners were perfectly aware of this, and they knew the only way for her to deliver the puppies was via C-section that would cost a significant amount of money they weren’t willing to pay, so they simply got rid of her.Luckily, beautiful Dachshund Maria was taken under the wing of the kind-hearted people from the rescue organization Friends of Emma. They saved Maria’s life by taking her to the vet who treated her for anemia and flea infestation.

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