Husky’s Had Separation Anxiety His Whole Life, So He Got A Little Companion

Kuma the Husky has had separation anxiety his whole life, so his family decided to find him a companion. That’s where Tora the 10-week-old kitten comes into the story.The two hit it off immediately and have been inseparable pals since! The cat has really helped with Kuma’s anxiety as the unlikely duo does everything together.

You won’t find a more precious friendship in the entire animal kingdom!This is such a heart warming story! Kuma the husky has always had separation anxiety. He needed a companion to help him out a bit and that is when Tora came along! Tora the kitten was adopted,and the two of them have been inseparable. Tora was ten weeks old when she was adopted, so adorable! Kuma instantly fell in love with her and they enjoy spending every moment together. They are the best of friends.

Who says a dog and a cat can’t be best buds? Tora thought Kuma was his mother and even tried to nurse from him, hilarious! Sadly, thats not going to work Tora, nice try though! If Kuma isn’t there, Tora feels very lonely, her best bud isn’t there to play with her! They love taking adorable photos together, so cute! What a special family these two are! At the end of the day, when they are finally done playing, they fall asleep and stay together all night! So precious.

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