Chihuahua doesn’t like to be picked up by one family member

Chihuahuas are to a great degree fascinating pooches which may be little in constitution, however to a great degree huge in identity. Some of them are adorable, and others not unreasonably charming to the eye, but rather paying little mind to their appearance, their demeanor never neglects to make us chuckle. They’re confounded animals that will just show it to you in the event that they are not enamored with you.

That precisely is the situation with this Chihuahua that doesn’t generally get a kick out of the chance to be hold by a person named Daniel. What this delightful puppy does when Daniel attempts to take her in his grasp is past amusing. The video was posted by Jennie Blair Ferguson from Florence, Mississippi and is a perfect example of the acting skills this breed possesses.

Whenever Daniel gets closer and picks the dog up it plays death. It sticks the tongue out and remains completely frozen.The dog comes back to life once he puts it down or gives it to the owner. And when she feels ‘safe’ and out of the reach of Daniel’s hands she immediately starts barking at him. This video is pretty old, but it’s so hilarious that it recently made a comeback and is trending again.

The reason why is pretty obvious. These acting skills are like no other’s and definitely Oscar worth. We hope these two will come to terms with each other eventually.

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