Lost Dog Follows Every Woman He Sees Looking For His Mom

Chunjang was totally lost. The poor little guy had meandered far from home and lost all sense of direction in a little city in South Korea. The canine frantically missed his mother, however he couldn’t make sense of how to get to her. He began following each lady he saw, trusting one of them would be his adored owner.For four months, Chunjang meandered around the residential community, following each lady he saw.

The ladies Chunjang pursued and different inhabitants of the town endeavored to encourage him, yet at whatever point they moved toward him, he ran away.The poor little guy was restless after the entirety of his opportunity all alone. The area occupants bolstered the canine, trusting they would have the capacity to pick up his trust.

The occupants reached a TV demonstrate called Kritter Klub, who regularly film creature salvages. The crew agreed to help reunite Chunjang with his owner.The Kritter Club crew put up a trap.

After waiting a while, the crew finally caught the pup. At first, the dog was scared, but he calmed down when he realized the people were trying to help him. The good Samaritans took Chunjang to the vet, where they found an identification number tattooed on his skin. They were able to use this number to find the address of Chunjang’s last-known owner.The Kritter Klub crew drove Chunjang out to his former owner’s house. But when they got there, they learned that he wasn’t actually Chunjang’s owner. The man explained that he gave Chunjang to his friend when he was a puppy. She was Chunjang’s true owner. The man called his friend, and she rushed over.

Kritter Klub showed her a video of the dog, who was recovering at the vet. She immediately teared up as she realized her best friend was okay.After Chunjang was finished getting checked out at the vet, Kritter Klub drove him out to his former owner’s house. Chunjang’s mom waited for him there. The first person Chunjang saw with his first owner.

He was a bit nervous as the man pet him—he clearly didn’t remember him.Then, Chunjang saw his mom. As soon as he spotted her his tail started wagging a mile a minute. Chunjang and his owner were both overcome with joy. After months of searching, he had finally found his owner.


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