A Blind Dog Regains Sight

A touching video making waves on the web today is all about second chances. When rescue Irish Terrier Duffy started to lose his eyesight, Duffy’s caretaker, Benjamin May, says he and his parents (Duffy’s owners) were beyond devastated. Duffy’s decline seemed to progress rather quickly, May explains. “Within about 3-5 months he went from a totally normal 8 year old dog to a dog who was completely blind,” May wrote of Duffy on the popular website Reddit.


“It broke my heart seeing this dog I grew up with, who I see as a very good friend…running into things, not being able to recognize me…just struggling,” he added. Duffy, now 9 years old, suffers from canine diabetes, which, much like diabetes in humans, means that his body cannot properly produce insulin, making it difficult for the body to process sugar. There is no cure for the condition. Who believed that a blind dog could regain his sight? Let me introduce you to Duffy, a rescue dog that survived years of struggle with a serious health condition. He lost his sight as a result of diabetes and it took deep medical care and attention to allow the dog to see sunrise once more.

No one knows what Duffy had to go through in the world of darkness, very lonely with no food and nothing to hunt. The poor dog had difficulties walking and couldn’t play like other healthy dogs. Duffy was signed up for a surgical procedure with high hopes that he would recover his eyesight and also good health. Special thanks to the vets who did everything they could to make the operation successful.

This video shows how excited Duffy is after being discharged from the surgery ward. His reaction has charmed more than 15 million people worldwide. The dog can’t wait to see his owners for the first time after long months of loneliness in a dark world!

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