Dog Interrupts Soccer Game And Demands Belly Rub

Mutts love people and playing, and when they can join the two, it’s the best thing on the planet to them. While many individuals watch and appreciate sports, pooches don’t comprehend it. They simply observe individuals and a ball and accept they are welcome to join. One Labrador retriever needed to play with the groups so awful that he assumed control over a National Football League coordinate that was going ahead in Gori, Georgia. The canine ran onto the field and began bouncing and jumping around. He circled on the field for no less than three minutes.

He continued taking a gander at the players and looking out for one of them to toss him the ball. To the extent he was concerned, he was simply playing a monster round of bring. He needed to take part in it. The game was put on hold until someone could remove the dog from the field or he chose to take off on his own. Some of the players stopped to pet him, and he even got down on the field and laid on his back, so he could get a nice belly rub. Nobody was sure where the dog had come from or what he was doing there. He seemed to be happing a good time, though.

One of the team goalies managed to gain the dog’s trust, and two medics tried to catch the dog. They grabbed him by the legs, but the dog wiggled free. Another player got the dog’s attention and tried to play with him long enough to lead him off the field. The player almost got the dog to the gate before he turned and ran back out on the field. Eventually, the dog left the field and chose to check out the stands instead. While the dog was a distraction and did interrupt the game, the score at the time was 0 to 0. The players seemed to enjoy playing with the dog, and the audience didn’t mind the funny show, either. In fact, a lot of people seemed to enjoy watching the dog interact with the players more than watching the players play the game. Some of the comments on the video of the dog include: “I’d be a lot more interested in football if this was a regular occurrence.” “I’d watch football a lot more often if this happened.”

“That video made me laugh really hard. Cute and funny.” The dog can’t help it, it’s in his nature. Almost all dogs are playful, but labs love to play fetch and run and catch things. They are great bird hunting dogs for this reason. They are one of the most playful breeds and are perfect for families. According to The Labrador Site: “Just like his yellow and chocolate friends, the average black Lab has an outstanding temperament. He is loving and lovable, brimming with enthusiasm, and will never tire of your company. He’ll go anywhere, and do anything, so long as you are with him. If he has any flaws it is that his bouncy exuberance as a youngster can sometimes cause problems for those that are not too steady on their feet. So, an adolescent black Lab will need to be very well supervised around a toddler just learning to walk, or an elderly person who is unsteady on their feet.”

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