Shelter Dog Who Insists On Being Tucked In At Night Looking For A Home

A safe house pooch who demands getting tucked in during the evening has individuals becoming hopelessly enamored. Sovereign is a two-year-old Pit bull blend and has circulated around the web as a result of his uncommon routine.The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in New York says Prince came to them five months back after he slipped his rope and fled. In spite of the fact that they reached the individual who was as far as anyone knows taking care of him, that individual never came to guarantee him.

The pup was terrified and curled up in the back of his kennel when he first arrived. “He took a long time to warm up to us,” Nancy Haynes, director of behavior and enrichment at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, told The Dodo. “Even when you approached his kennel, he would sit in the back and cower and shake. You would usually find him curled up in a ball at the back of his kennel.”

The staff gradually learned that Prince would settle down when he was tucked into bed at night and now it has become part of his daily routine.“This sweet 2-year-old loves toys and has very good manners. He knows sit, down and paw, and is always willing to learn more for treats,” they wrote. “Like many royals, he wants to be the king of his castle, so no other pets for him.”

They added that he absolutely adores being snuggled. That’s not always the first impression potential adopters see when they’ve visited Prince because he tends to bark at strangers when they approach his kennel.

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