Dog Stops Cat From Getting Into Brawl

Who among us hasn’t been in this situation before? You’re out at the bar on a Friday night when a drunk buddy starts flexing his beer muscles at another patron. What’s a friend to do? You can always jump into the fray and get your buddy’s back—depending on your own level of inebriation, of course—or you can be the responsible friend and jump in and say, “Nah dude, it’s not worth it.”

Anyone who has ever been the friend in this scenario hopefully chose the latter path, or if not, hopefully they got a good public defender and had their bail money ready.   Sometimes the only thing you can do when your best pal is about to get himself in trouble is step in and stop it from happening.

People do this for each other all the time, but it might surprise you to learn that dogs will also step in to help their friends. Even when those friends are cats! The Internet can’t get enough of a viral video of a dog who saved his feline friend from a potential nightmare. Thank goodness her canine pal was in the right place at the right time.

All bets are off as the cat is seen hunching down, ready to pounce on something. That ‘something’ happens to be another cat. It appears that a cat fight is about to happen, but in comes the dog to save the day.

The kitty’s canine pal steps right in, clutches the cat by its leash, and pulls him back to safety. The determined pooch does not want to see the feline fur fly!

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