Golden Retriever Grabs His Leash Every Day And Leads Himself To His Favorite Person

Cheddar the Golden Retriever lived like an ordinary puppy for a long time. He lived with an adoring family and everything was going admirably, yet that all changed the very beginning of his proprietors was determined to have malignancy. They never again had sufficient energy or assets to think about Cheddar, so they put him up for reception. In any case, he found another eternity home right away! Cheddar landed at his new home, and it didn’t take him long to get on something while at the same time strolling through his neighborhood.

His new owners would walk him daily, and they’d stop to say hello to the neighbor lady. Cheddar took to the elderly woman instantly! There was just something about the two that drew them together. Jean and the Golden Retriever are inseparable best friends, and the dog demands to see her every day. When he can’t, he throws a fit!

The dog will grab his leash and start walking to let his parents know he wants to go see Jean. Even while on walks if they’re going a different direction, Cheddar will tug on the leash toward Jean’s house!

No one knows exactly what created the bond between the two, but love has no rules! Watch their incredible story below.  “When he sees her, his reaction is one that very few get,” Vassall said. “Cheddar is not a barker but he certainly talks a plenty when he’s really, really happy or excited. When visiting in winter, we spend the time indoors and Cheddar just wants to sit by Jean’s side and be petted.

That’s ALL he wants. In better weather — spring, summer and fall — we spend the time in their backyard where he loves to roll in the grass with his leash or a tennis ball and then sit next to Jean for more attention.”

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