Mom And Dad Find Their Huskies Arguing The Way Human Siblings Do

Having a sibling in your life is a wonderful thing, but there are moments when you just wish you had your own space for once. We love then dearly, but sometimes they can really annoy us. And this feeling isn’t exclusive to humans. Just take a look at the Husky siblings below! Mishka and Laika love each other, but they don’t always agree on everything. Mom and Dad catch them here in a heated argument trying to work out some of their issues.

Thankfully, you don’t need a doggy translator as the video is complete with subtitles! This is too funny. Mishka the talking Husky and her little sister Laika don’t always agree on things. Here we catch them in a heated argument trying to get past some issues they’re having. Complete with subtitles! It isn’t quite as easy having a sibling in your life. Sure, they provide us with constant companionship, but siblings can also be a pain in the rear end sometimes.

We love them all to bits, but can’t we just have some of our own space for once, please? Mishka’s sister Laika here wants to play, but Mishka just wants to lounge and have some quiet time. Laika isn’t having it, so instead she tries all of her agencies to persuade her older sister into some play time.

Siberian Huskies are mouthy dogs, they can talk to each other and to their owners for hours on end and it seems like they actually have something to say. Husky owners can literally train their ears to understand what their pet Husky is saying, so we are not really surprised that Mishka and Laika’s owner knows exactly what the two sisters are arguing about!


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