Terrified Dog Never Wagged Her Tail, Then Her Foster Dad Built Her A Bedroom

Rough Kanaka had encouraged pooches for a considerable length of time, yet nothing could set him up for the one he was going to look at. He was at the sanctuary when a staff part lifted up a bed, and this frightened little canine came running out. Her name was Blossom, and she’d been protected from an accumulating circumstance and taken to the sanctuary alongside 150 other dogs. Blossom was totally scared of everything. Basically getting her out of the asylum and into a home wouldn’t be sufficient to settle her. She had rationally closed down and didn’t know acceptable behavior like a puppy.

A few weeks turned into months, and she couldn’t stop shaking. Everything here was new to her, and it was scary; the feel of grass on her feet, the sunlight, and making eye contact were just some of the things that would send her running to hide under the table where she’d sit for days. Instead of making Blossom get out of her hiding spot, Rocky decided to remove the table and build a little bedroom for her.

And that’s when things started looking up. Blossom started to come out of her shell to allow hand-feeding, and she finally drank water from the bowl after seeing a foster sibling do so. This was real progress. And after two months, she even jumped up onto the couch to sit next to her foster dad! She’d never acted like this before.

Then came the day she went outside and ran around wagging her tail for the very first time. The three-year-old dog has come such a long way from that scared little girl at the shelter, and she’s ready for a forever home thanks to Rocky Kanaka’s patience and hard work!


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