Dog Steps On Rubber Chicken And Hilariously Starts Singing

This adorable German Shepherd paws his rubber chicken, but it’s what he does when it squeaks that brought a big smile to my face. He begins howling every time the toy squeaks, almost like he’s checking his pitch against the rubber chicken!They have taken the internet by storm when a guy found a bunch of them in a shopping cart and decided to press all of them at once.

Oh, the horror sound that came out of a dozen of rubber poultry! They were made to look like the food dogs like, but not every dog finds the rubber chicken pleasing to the palate. Actually, this one thinks that his rubber chicken is actually a very pleasant singing partner. This musical German Shepherd is just making sure that he’s got the right pitch! Good thing he’s got his lucky tuning rubber chicken! Sometimes we just find it hard to believe what our furry best friends are capable to play with!

Their witness and strange judgment at times can be quite interesting to watch! That’s exactly the case with this adorable pooch, who’s really fixated on his favorite toy, a rubber chicken! Watch as he tunes his chicken, squeezing it a couple of times to make sure it’s wound properly, then letting go and joining it for the tunes of the day. What a spectacle! The way he looks at it will surely have you in stitches! He’s obviously not sure why it squeaks that way and is stunned to see it suddenly stops!

Poor little guy, he probably thinks he broke it! Don’t worry, buddy, mom, and dad will buy you a new one! Have you asked yourself what are the things that bring joy to almost everyone and can put a smile on the face? For us, that thing that makes us laugh the most are dogs! They are the cutest, they are smart and they are so silly! What’s not to love about them? And when you mix cute, smart and silly? Explosions of happiness! Like this adorable pooch here! Dogs keep to amaze us all the time! This video is heavenly awesome! Dogs really are amazing creatures, aren’t they? There’s nothing cuter than a dog letting out a big musical howl, especially when it’s an adorable and funny pooch like this one. So funny!


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