Walking Dead Star Rescues Dying Puppy

Performing artist Jeffery Dean Morgan is most likely best known for his jobs on indicates like Gray’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead. But on the other hand he’s an energetic creature darling. That is the reason he couldn’t avoid ceasing to look at a crate of young doggies a few children were offering in Venice Beach California. There were around three litters of pups in the container each being sold for about $350 each, as indicated by PawMyGosh. Lamentably, not every one of them were solid. Morgan could have effectively picked the cutest or most beneficial little guy. Be that as it may, he didn’t. Rather, he picked the sickliest one.

He knew he would be able to care for the pup and give it a fighting chance at life so he offered the kid $20 for the sickly dog. The puppy was so tiny and delicate that she needed to be bottle fed. “I rescued her on the Venice boardwalk,” he told Hudson Valley News Network, according to PopSugar. “Some kids were selling three litters of puppies and I dug through the box and there was one, that, she was maybe four inches long, and I was like, I want to take that one that’s not going to make it through the day. I bottle-fed her for about a month.”

The cute little pup used to “kiss her way around” the bottle when he would feed her. That’s why he named her Bisou, which means “kiss” in French. He and Bisou had a wonderful relationship for about 17 years. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2015. He still holds her very dear to his heart and even gets emotional when he speaks of her. “She was a dog that I got 19 years ago, that I rescued. It’s going to make me tear up, I suck!” told Hudson Valley News Network in 2017. “A dog that I got 19 years ago, I can’t even talk about her.” 

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