Lonely Wolf Dog Wouldn’t Open Up, Until His True Love Walks In

At some point, local people in suburbia of Los Angeles found a roughed up canine meandering the avenues. In spite of the fact that the canine had a kind of stopgap neckline, he looked relinquished and mishandled. They chose to bring in a protect group to help him out. When people from a neighborhood shield showed up, they found he was filled with diseases and mange. At that point they found something stunning! The puppy, named New Boy by local people, was not a standard pooch by any stretch of the imagination.

New Boy is a wolf-puppy cross breed!Shelters aren’t allowed to keep wolves or wolf hybrids, as they have special needs due to their wolf ancestry. Luckily, an organization called W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado stepped up and opened up their doors, and hearts, to New Boy. W.O.L.F., which stands for “Wolves Offered Life and Friendship,” brought New Boy to Colorado to begin his treatment.

But he was so scared, he refused to leave the corner. After a lot of effort, the rescuers were able to coax him and give him a bath and begin his treatment. After a naming contest, New Boy was renamed to Castial, a name that refers to a character on the show Supernatural, who is an angel of resurrection. The name suited this wolf-dog perfectly as he made a stunning transformation from a parasite-riddled, abused dog to a healthy and adorable wolf-dog. His caretakers then chose the perfect animal to help Castiel come out of his shell. They introduced him to Tenali, a 3-year-old female wolf-dog who was rescued from Wisconsin. Castiel was overwhelmed by Tenali’s sweetness and energy. So Tenali kept herself occupied with her water bucket for the time being.

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