Big Malamute Chases Little Dachshund, Has No Idea She’s Hiding Right Behind Him

Alaskan Malamutes have a cheerful disposition and a loving nature. And like a lot of big dogs, they’re gentle when they’re in the company of little dogs. So when this duo of Malamute and Dachshund got together for a game of chase, they had the internet in stitches! Meet Mooshie, the big cuddly Alaskan Malamute, and his sister, Ginger the Dachshund.

Mooshie loves to play chase with Ginger, and the agile Ginger is an expert at confusing big Mooshie. Mooshie adores to play pursue with Ginger, and the lithe Ginger is a specialist at befuddling enormous Mooshie.

The game begins in an almost cartoonish manner, with Ginger hiding behind Mooshie as Mooshie looks for her. It’s a scene right out of Tom & Jerry! Mooshie runs up and down the hall, giving chase but always intentionally missing Ginger by a whisker, so as not to hurt her.

Even while playing, Mooshie does the play-bow to let Ginger know it’s only fun and games and he means no harm to his little sister. How adorable! Mooshie is so cute, he has over 135,000 followers on his Instagram page – Mooshie! Click the video below to watch this hilarious game of ‘cat and mouse’ between two dogs!

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