Weather Forecast Is Hilariously Interrupted By Shelter Dog Who Would Much Rather Play

Climate conjectures as a rule aren’t the most engaging things to watch, yet include a puppy in with the general mish-mash and it could change everything. Meteorologist Mike Sobel at Global Edmonton’s new station in Canada was joined by a 18-month-old Mastiff blend, Ripple, from the Humane Society. He expected on giving his typical figure, yet it unquestionably went poorly planned.

Sobel clutched Ripple’s chain so he could go along with him amid the estimate, however Ripple wasn’t excessively inspired by hearing the climate; all he needed to do was play!   Sobel couldn’t keep himself from laughing as Ripple chewed and pulled on the leash. Sobel repeatedly told Ripple to sit, but he had other things in mind.

He continued chewing on the leash, causing Sobel to lose his balance at one point. Sobel then lifted up the leash, only to realize that Ripple had chewed it right off of him! At this point, Sobel is laughing out loud as he holds the ripped piece of leash in the air. Ripple then jumps all over him, trying to get ahold of the leash to play with it again.

It’s hard to watch this video without laughing. Ripple is such a fun, playful pup, so it’s not a surprise that he was adopted soon after this forecast aired! Watch his hilarious antics for yourself in the video below:

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