Dog Accidentally ‘Hits’ Owner In Face And Feels So Bad About It

Recess is critical for little guys all things considered. Getting out the majority of that vitality and having the opportunity to mess about is vital for satisfaction in the two little guys and individuals. Each canine proprietor will disclose to you that pooches all have their own particular unmistakable identities. They radiate through splendidly when it’s an ideal opportunity to mess about. At the point when an unruly, cheeky puppy named Bertha was messing about with her human, she got a little conveyed away.Sitting upright on the sofa like a human, Bertha outstretched her paws towards her mother only excessively excitedly. She smacked her privilege over the face and even left a red check! Bertha instantly detected that she had gone too far.

She felt so bad for hitting her mom, and she showed it in the sweetest way. As a Bernese mountain dog / St. Bernard, Bertha is loyal and friendly. She would never intentionally cause harm to her person, or any person for that matter.

It appears that she’s just a bit clumsy – a clumsy gentle giant. On her Instagram, Bertha’s described as “60% brat, 40% good gurl.” You can really see how true that is from the photos her mom shares with the world. She loves to sit on the couch like her people do as if she owns the whole place. And let’s be honest, with a face like this, of course, she’s the queen of the castle! Her mom also describes her as “Part dog, part hooman, part cat.”

She likes to take little cat naps in the sun and play with yarn, even though she’s a big old giant dog. In the video below, you can see how sorry she was about hitting her mom. She hides her face ashamedly as her mom shows the camera the red mark on her face. If you’ve ever doubted that dogs have emotions, or if they are capable of feeling remorse or shame, just watch the video below. It’s so sweet! If dogs could speak, you know for sure that she’d be profusely apologizing for the rest of the day. She may be fully grown, but Bertha still thinks that she’s a tiny puppy. She goes straight in for the lap sits, and when she pulls a stunt like this, she knows that her adorable puppy dog eyes will keep her out of trouble. She can eat trash…


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