Dog Finds A Box Of Left Away Kittens While On A Walk, And Immediately Becomes The Best Foster Dad

Abandoned litters of kittens are such a common thing in Greece, that every time we come across one, our usual reaction is “oh, no, not again”. Within only a month, SCARS has rescued more than 25 kittens, all abandoned in the same way. Aragon is an adopted dog. His mum is a SCARS volunteer who lives near the mountain of Immitos. Almost every day she finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain (sometimes with the blankets and the toys still inside), but no animals. Within a few hours since they are abandoned, kittens, puppies, bunnies and even birds (no joke!) become the dinner of an hungry fox (the most common predator on the mountains near Athens). This time, the kittens were lucky. Dogs are one of the most friendliest animals in the world. This dog, Aragon is a perfect example. Being part of a family, he was very outgoing and friendly to everyone. Although he was formerly a rescued dog and once abandoned, his favourite hobbies are playing with his family and going out on walks.

Fate has a funny way of showing it. One day when Aragon was out for walk with his owner, Aragon stopped in the midst of the walk as something caught his eye. He saw a small box on the ground and approached it cautiously. Turns out that it was an old bicycle helmet box but Aragon noticed that something was inside the box!

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