Cops Respond To Frantic Call Only To Realize That ‘Dangerous’ Dog Only Wanted A Kiss!

Dogs are almost universally revered as friendly and fun, but some dog breeds have earned a bad reputation due to stereotypes and fear. Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Dalmatians are just a few pups who are viewed negatively, but there’s no pup quite as misunderstood as the Pit Bull. This is very unfair as studies have actually shown Pit Bulls to be more patient that most other breeds!

So when a Pit Bull named Red slipped out of his home’s gate and roamed the streets of Florida, the neighborhood called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in fear that their children would be in danger.

Deputy Mark Elsaid responded to the call, expecting to find a dangerous dog. Instead, as he rolled down his window, what he found was an excited and friendly pup looking for lots of love and some attention!  Red was too happy to greet the deputy, who in turn helped him get back into his home. All the pup wanted was to be friends, and to give lots of kisses to anyone who would let him do so! Of course, you have every right to be wary of pups on the loose, and you shouldn’t approach a random dog on the street. But keep in mind that some stereotypes are horribly untrue!

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