Dog Chained Outside In The Rain Lights Up When He Sees Someone Approaching To Help

An elderly woman by the name of Belinda who lived in Durham County, North Carolina noticed two homeless strays on her way back home. She wanted to adopt them and give them proper housing, but her landlord did not allow it. Left with no choice, she had to chain the two pooches outside, whom she named Mama and Oreo. One of the dogs, Mama, broke free of her chains and ran onto the streets – thankfully, she emerged unharmed from the escape. Durham County animal control officers found Mama and returned her to Belinda, along with a phone number to enlist for help so that the two dogs could live securely.

All the two dogs needed was a fence – but Belinda couldn’t afford one.

Belinda, a woman who lived alone with no car of her own, lived in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Durham and could not afford to house two dogs, rescued them anyway due to her kind heart.

Belinda, the dogs’s rescuer, adored the two dogs so much whom she named Mama and Oreo respectively – thankfully, an animal rescue organization jumped in to help and offered to give the two pooches a home!

Both dogs, Mama and Oreo were safe and happy in their new enclosure – after all, they could hardly wait to explore their new home, along with a loving owner, Belinda!Please support Coalition to Unchain Dogs and their amazing work!

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