Driving On Empty Desert Highway This Man Sees Two Dark Shapes In Road, Realizes They’re Stray Puppies

While on a trek to a place you’ve never been, it’s sort of expected that you will encounter new and remote things. A couple of astonishments tossed in all over, anyway stunning, are not out of the ordinary.

I’m certain Jordan Kahana, the man in the video underneath, anticipated that would get captured off guard the new conditions and sights amid his street trip.Yet nothing could have set him up for the shock in store, for when this man found a couple of stray little dogs in the street, his life was changed until the end of time.

In November 2016, Kahana, a self-appointed lover of dogs, was set to adopt a husky. But at the last second, he got cold feet, and decided against having a dog. Around the same time, his office was closing for the holidays, so he decided it was a perfect opportunity for a road trip. His journey would take him from his home in Los Angeles to Arizona, for a visit to the Grand Canyon. He decided to video document his trip.

“OK, I’m driving up to the Grand Canyon in the middle of nowhere, Arizona,” he says while he drives. Suddenly, down a completely empty stretch of highway, he makes out two dark little shapes that prompt him to pull over. “You will not believe what I just found in the middle of the road!” he says. Two 8-week-old puppies, completely alone. Completely shocked, Kahana would chase them down and rescue them from the road before taking them to an animal hospital in nearby Page.

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