After Nine Years In Puppy Mill, This Dog Isn’t Sure What To Do With A Warm Bed

Being conceived in a pup process is likely one of the hardest begins a little puppy can have throughout everyday life. The most ideal situation is if the puppy is immaculate and persuades been one of the felicitous twits to get away from an existence of hardship and not as much as perfect living conditions.

Unfortunately for Freddie, this was not his story. Freddie is viewed as a senior canine at nine years of age. He is a Chihuahua who was conceived in a little dog process and never got a possibility at a reality. But thanks to the National Mill Dog Rescue team that stepped in, Freddie will now have a better chance at experiencing the life every dog deserves.

Freddie had obviously endured more than most, but even though he was in sore shape, he carried love in his eyes that promised he would make a wonderful companion to someone willing to take a chance on him. Theresa Strader was the first one to be trusted with his care. And boy, did she care! She provided a high level of TLC to Freddie at the shelter. And for the very first time, he was clean, warm, and most importantly, loved.

This day was marked down in Freddie’s forever history because this is the day that he received his very first bed!Though Freddie didn’t know what a bed was, nor did he know what to do with it, Theresa is sure to get him well acquainted to the reality of comfort and warmth. He looks around, confused and maybe a little anxious. So she picks him up to reassure him of his safety and love. Then she places him in his new place of comfort.

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