Dog Leads Rescuers To Another Dog Buried Alive In Earthquake

Another staggering quake hit Italy in late October. This was only one of numerous consequential convulsions that took after the staggering shudder in August that executed more than 300. In this story, one pooch helped spare the life of another puppy.

As teams were searching for survivors in the town of Norcia, close to the epicenter of the 6.6 size seismic tremor one of the sniffer pooch’s guided them to a spot where a pet was totally buried. The puppy was caught underneath the rubble of a home and the main parts that were noticeable were his paws and his gag.

The firefighters began to free the trapped dog. Happily, despite practically being buried alive under the rubble, the dog did not have any signs of serious injury. The dog was able to stand on his own just moments after being freed. The dog was named Ulysses by the firefighters who rescued him and local media dubbed him the miracle dog.

The veterinarians from ENPA, Italy’s national animal protection agency, confirmed that Ulysses is in good health. Even though Ulysses does not have a microchip, they are hopeful that he will be reunited with his family soon.

Fire and rescue were able to pull six people out of the rubble and so far there have been no reports of any deaths.

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