Dog Fetches The Stick For A Treat, But The Clydesdale Is Not To Be Outdone


The majestic beasts have a way of capturing an audience unlike anything else! For this one, we go all the way back to 2009. When the man asks his dog to fetch the stick for a treat, the Clydesdale watches and learns. “All right, boy. Fetch and I’ll give you a treat.” As with most dogs, his fetching skills are top of the line! Not to be outdone, the horse then goes and fetches a “stick” of his own. What a showoff!

We’ve all seen how dogs can fetch a stick and we know that they always get a reward from the man, but have you seen a horse doing the same action? We bet you haven’t, so have a look at the video below. It’s entertaining and funny at the same time.The Clydesdale is watching how that Dalmatian gets a praise after fetching a stick.

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