Owner Buys Dog A Birthday Cake And Dog Has A Priceless Reaction

Lucy the Bernese mountain pooch was amazed on her fifth birthday celebration when her father Christopher Vrankovic gave her a birthday cake. Ordinarily, Lucy would be given considerably littler treats for her birthday, yet this year he settled on a full cake. Lucy was over the moon. The unadulterated and blissful demeanor all over says everything.


“She cherished it, scarcely set aside the opportunity to bite,” said Vrankovic. Try not to be mixed up, this was no standard cake. It was a specially crafted nutty spread birthday cake from The Barkery in Tewksbury Massachusetts.

At first, Vrankovic turned his nose up at the thought. “To me it appeared like an exceptionally negligible thing to purchase, a custom cake for a puppy,” he said. “Who realized that sort of thing existed?”

These days, organizations, for example, ‘The Barkery’ are flying up everywhere, except when Kristi Andrews opened her business 11 years prior, things of this kind just didn’t exist – making her undertaking an overcome and remarkable test.Andrews decided to open the bakery for dogs after adopting a pup in 2004 and being frustrated with the lack of healthy treats and cakes. She developed a few winning recipes of her own and with that, her business began.

She figured that if it didn’t catch on she could always revert it back to a regular bakery for humans. Now, her business is absolutely thriving and accepts orders both in store and online. Additional flavors include apple oatmeal, cheeseburger, and carob. “Nobody loves you as much as your dog. They’re always there for you,” said Andrews.

Lucy started off as Vrankovic’s wife’s dog, just 6-months-old and energetic as ever. At the time, Vrankovic didn’t even like dogs! Lucy’s gorgeous looks and goofy, loving personality won him over rather quickly.

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