She Traveled For 9 Days And 35 Miles, Just To Find Her Home!

One night in Chicago, someone spotted Meatball chained up in horrible condition. The poor dog’s head was extremely swollen, he had puncture wounds all over his face, and there were terrible cuts behind his ears and on his chest. “He was in bad shape and he needed us,” Kimberly Koster, Meatball’s new mom says. She and her husband Kevin already have three dogs but they decided to take the 10-year-old Pit Bull in as a foster dog.


When they first took Meatball into their family, they knew it was going to be a long road of recovery to get the pooch back to health. That’s how they spent their first two months with the rescued dog. When Kris left that morning with Georgia she never expected to return home without her. At 64, Kris is an avid hiker and she isn’t slowing down.

So she normally takes Georgia. This morning in June they were on a “new” trial and about half way through Georgia took off. She wouldn’t come back. Kris called her over and over. She even heard a far off bark but then it disappeared. “Halfway to the waterfall, I heard the dog barking and it ran off …She gets so focused on critters and it’s hard to pull her away. In the past, she’s run away a couple of times before on walks but she would come back.” The ranger told her there wasn’t much of a chance that the dog would survive. There were wild coyotes and mountain lions that prowled the area!

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