Man Trying To Help Dog Wandering Alone Freezes After Looking At His Tags

Animals can’t communicate with us through words, so it’s pretty easy to misinterpret even their basic needs. For example, a dog’s whine might mean that he has to go outside, but it could also just signify that he’s craving a bite of your dinner! Circumstances you think are dire could be something else entirely.

That’s what happened to one man when he spotted a dog wandering around a gas station. The pooch looked horribly lost, and the man grew concerned. But when he finally got close enough in an effort to help, the dog showed him something that proved things were not all that they seemed! When Tyler Wilson spotted a lost dog at a gas station near his home in Kentucky, he was, understandably, concerned.

A gas station is a highly trafficked area and no place for a pooch. The dog was clearly on his own, too. Was he hurt? Lost? Tyler actually first saw the dog, who appeared to be a yellow Labrador, wandering around town a few days earlier and he was really curious about his situation.

Why on Earth was this pooch roaming around town, and did he need help? Deciding that something had to be done to bring this lost dog to safety, Tyler snapped a couple of photographs on the sly. He was worried that the animal would be skittish and shy in his presence, so he kept his distance.

Tyler decided he should try to make physical contact with the Labrador so he could get him to a safe place. Still, he was relieved to have the photographs as backup, just in case the dog became scared of him and suddenly ran off… At that moment, the dog did something unexpected that simply stunned Tyler: he trotted right over to him, tail wagging and ready for belly rubs! If this dog was lost, he clearly didn’t mind. Why did he act like he didn’t have a care in the world if his owners were nowhere in sight?

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