Tiny Bug Is K***g 100s Of Dogs And Children. If They Get Bit, Take Them To The Hospital Asap

Most insects are just simply pests and harmless but not this particular insect. This insect, known as the “Kissing” or “Assassin” bug is responsible for the death of over 400 dogs in Texas. These insects carry the Trypanosoma Cruzi parasite, which causes the deadly “Chagas Disease.” The kissing bug feeds on blood from dogs and are usually common around the eyes or the mouth. The parasite gets onto the dog when an infected bug leaves parasite-infected faeces on a bite wound. The dog can also be infected with the parasite by ingesting the bugs.

This disease is hard to detect until the later stages, which it will be incurable by then.

This is the infection cycle of the Chagas disease.

Seek medical help immediately if anyone in your household has gotten bitten by this bug.


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