Coast Guard Spotted Struggling Dog Swept Away At Sea – And Acts Quickly

One Sunday morning, the Coastguards of The United Kingdom suddenly received an distress call via their emergency hotline. It concerned a dog who ended up being lost at sea near Cummingston, Moray, Scotland due to the strong sea currents. Its owner had been taking a leisurely stroll along the coastlines when suddenly, her Cockapoo vanished from sight.

Worst still, almost all the local rescue teams had been already dispatched, and were busy with their tasks at hand. It was up to the remaining members of the Coastguard team to assist the pooch. Thankfully, rescue helicopter on a training exercise spotted the dog. It then proceeded to guide the rescue officers’ boat directly towards the drowning dog, and time was running out.

The Cockapoo was at least 50 meters away from land, and had been in the sea for 40 minutes. Once ashore, officers quickly performed first aid on the pooch – and they managed to get him breathing! The frightened Cockapoo was taken to an emergency vet, and has been reported to be doing well, in the arms of its loving owners, thanks to a team of brave men! Sinclair advises pet owners that they should not rescue their dog themselves.

The risks of swimming through are just simply too high, especially if the currents are too strong. Owners who face a similar situation should always call for help first, and monitor their dog closely so that trained professionals are able to rescue your pooch at a more efficient and faster pace.

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