Couple Rescues Neglected Dog From Neighbors’ Backyard

For years, a couple watched as their next-door neighbors mistreated their dog, a nameless Golden Retriever. The poor dog was kept outside all day and he was often chained up. If he cried, his owners muzzled his mouth with duct tape, which was very painful and made it hard for him to breath.

The pup’s neighbors were dog lovers—they had a Golden Retriever of their own—and they hated sitting by and watching this poor dog being neglected and abused. They tried calling the police, but nothing happened. The dog was still stuck in his concrete backyard, completely alone and terrified.

Soon, the pup seemed to give up hope of ever being rescued, and he started spending his days lying on the concrete, lethargic and depressed.After years of this, the dog’s neighbors couldn’t take it anymore. When it became clear that no one was going to help this poor dog, the dog’s neighbors took matters into their own hands.

One day, they hopped over the fence between their two yards, unchained the dog, and took him home with them. They named the dog Alfie.Alfie’s new owners were very patient with him and worked with him. They made sure he understood that they could trust him, and that he was in a safe place now. Soon, Alfie had become a joyful, carefree pup.

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