Dog Throws A Jealous Fit – After Spotting Wild Fox Playing With Her Toy

A dog named Lupe Johnson, who is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, was called back inside her home after playing outside for a couple of hours. However, she had forgotten to retrieve one of her favorite toys, and left it in the yard! Normally, her forgetfulness would not have any consequences, but not on this particular day.

Moments after Lupe goes back indoors, a fluffy red critter strolled into her home’s backyard. Lupe’s owner had the moment filmed on tape – it was a red fox! Initially passing by, the fox started to laze around in the yard, even catch Lupe’s attention! Lupe stared out of the window in fascination at first, but it soon turned into dismay. The red fox started to pounce, spring, walk, flop, and then roll around.

But the vixen was carrying something in her mouth – it was Lupe’s favorite ball! As soon as she tosses the toy in the air from one yard to the other, it became obvious to anyone that she’s having the time of her life. By the window however, Lupe is getting pretty jealous, notes her owner. What was amusing was that Lupe is shown to be far from happy about this turn of events, growling and barking every now and then in the vixen’s direction. However, there is not much she could do but to stand there and watch. Lupe was also shown voicing her displeasure with a series of menacing-sounding growls and barks.

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