Cat rolls over with the dogs

While It’s Not Unusual To See A Dog Shake A Paw Or Roll Over, Seeing A Cat Do It Is A Completely Different Story. As we walk through a neighborhood, we don’t often see cats doing tricks (or obeying their owners in the slightest), so the idea that a cat can be trained is a bit foreign to most. But Samantha Martin, lifelong animal trainer and founder of the Amazing Acro-Cats, explains to the Huffington Post, “Any cat can be trained”— the problem is that people just don’t think to do it. One Cat Named Didja Is Living Proof Of A Cat’s Trainability, With Videos Of Her Performances Going Viral Many Times Over.

According to Guinness World Records, Didja (short for Didgaroo) is a shelter cat that was adopted by owner Robert Dollwell. Since her adoption, Didja has been a veritable sponge, learning multiple tricks and performing them for yummy treats. Most recently, Didja set the Guinness World Record for the most tricks performed by a cat in under a minute. The little furball did 20 tricks in less than 60 seconds, all the while abiding by Guinness’s rules. During The Minute-Long Routine, Didja High-Fives, Rolls Over, Spins, Waves, And Even Rides A Skateboard!

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