Man forced to return pitbull to shelter; Their reunion will have you in tears

It wasn’t what he wanted, and it was a heartbreaking ordeal for both Titus and his owner. Lewis didn’t return Titus to the rescue because he wanted to or even because things weren’t working out between the two of them. He had left his dog at home with his daughter and grandson one day, and when he returned, everything was flipped upside down. The grandson was walking the dog when they came across a neighbor in the stairwell.

Titus nipped at the neighbor, who reported it. Lewis was forced to give up his dog as it was no longer allowed to be in the apartment. He claims that Titus is friendly and has never been aggressive toward people. He believes that the dog was protecting his grandson. The same neighbor had complained about Titus before, simply because he felt he was a dangerous breed of dog.

Lewis was afraid if he didn’t take Titus to the Austin Animal Center, he would be removed and sent elsewhere. Since the center is a no-kill shelter, he knew Titus wouldn’t be euthanized, but there was no guarantee he wouldn’t be adopted by someone else. Lewis wanted to get Titus back, but he was fighting the clock. He had to find a new place to live, and that place had to allow dogs.

Lewis had adopted Titus as a companion, and he even calls the dog his other half. He had spent 20 years in prison, and once he got out, he promised to do good. He knew that pit bulls have a bad reputation and adopted Titus to try to help clear that stereotype. He still maintains that Titus is not a dangerous or aggressive dog.

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