2 German Shepherds, a Belgian Malinois, and their mom play hide and seek and it’s the cutest

Playing games with pups brings about a very particular kind of joy. It’s so much fun watching them play, learn and use their natural instincts. In the video below, a woman is doing just this with her dogs in a classic game of hide-and-seek. Shepherds and the shorter haired one is actually a Belgian Malinois.

Though, in terms of personality, there are not too many differences between them. In the video, you can see the woman run quickly behind the door to hide. She then calls out to them and remains hidden, giggling quietly. A few seconds later the dogs come into the shot and you can see them searching for their mom feverishly. They are pacing around the area, where they can hear her but they can’t seem to locate her. They search as a pack and collectively use their keen sense of smell to sniff her out – but they just can’t find her. This goes on for a minute or so before they enter her room and turn around to see that she’s hidden behind the door!

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