Man falls from balcony and can’t move. His dog refuses to stop hugging him even as help arrives

Tony, the dog, loves his daddy, Jesus Hueche, very much. So much so that he never leaves his side. Hueche had been working on a tree outside his home in Argentina when he fell 6 feet downward onto a concrete sidewalk. He hit his head and was knocked unconscious.

Thankfully, Tony was there so Hueche was never left alone. Even after his fall, Tony was right there by Hueche’s side until the paramedics arrived. Concerned and worried sick about his father. Even as the paramedics were putting a brace on Hueche, Tony hugged his dad tight and refused to leave his side. Hueche regained consciousness and Tony felt a little bit better, but he still tried to jump inside the ambulance with him.

However, Tony was allowed on the ride to the hospital. Thankfully, Hueche didn’t get too banged up and was discharged from the hospital a little while later. Tony was overjoyed, to say the least. Tony’s sweet and worried reaction to his dad’s fall ended up going viral on social media. And the local radio station, La Brujula 24, found out a little bit more about why Tony is so protective over his father. Hueche rescued Tony as a stray, so that’s why he is so loyal to his dad.

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