“Aggressive” shelter pit bull scheduled for euthanization, then the police force takes a chance on him

At the point when Leonard went to The Union County Humane Society he was regarded “forceful” and they knew the pit bull’s mien would counteract them having the capacity to receive him out. In this way, poor Leonard was booked for euthanization. In any case, Humane Society Director Jim Alloway saw some potential in Leonard and imagined a fresh out of the plastic new future for him.

Alloway had seen comparative attributes previously in other police puppies that he’s worked with and felt that Leonard may be suited for police work. Presently Leonard is en route to turning into the primary ever pit bull K9 police officer. Alloway contacted Storm Dog K9 Training to check whether they would work with Leonard. Despite the fact that they had never worked with a pit bull they consented to it.

Leonard was totally untrained and didn’t know any orders, yet he loved to play so they could show him how to sniff medications and reward him with toys when he met his goal. “I planned an opportunity to descend and see him, and after around 10 minutes, I knew this was the canine for us,” he said.

Since he has half a month of preparing added to his repertoire, Leonard is prepared to be guaranteed by the province of Ohio as an official police canine. Be that as it may, as per Mitchell, he’s much the same as whatever other canine when he gets back home in the wake of a prolonged day of work.



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