Here Are 5 Simple Tests To Show Whether Your Dog Loves You Or Not

Gregory Burns, a neuroscientist and author of the book “How Dogs Love Us,” has come up with five simple tests that will show you whether or not your dog loves you. These quick tricks will give you an insight into your dog’s real opinion of you.

1. Does your dog cuddle you after eating?

This can be a telling sign of what your dog holds dear to his or her heart. According to Burns, dogs are motivated by what they value. Food is obviously pretty high on the list, but once your dog is full, his next impulse will tell you what matters to him. If your dog curls up to you when his belly is full, it is a clear sign that he loves you.

2. Where does your dog sleep?

When it comes to sleeping at night, they are naturally inclined to stay with the pack. So if your dog really feels at home with you, he will want to snuggle up in your bed all night long. Whether or not you actually let him…that is a different story.

3. How does your dog react when you leave?

4. How does your dog react when you return?

If your dog loves you, you can expect to be attacked with kisses the moment you open the door. After a long day apart your dog will miss you and want to be with you. The excitement in your dog’s eyes will tell the whole story.

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