Siberian Husky bath time talking and singing

Dogs have a funny way of expressing their emotions, whether they are happy or sad.

If you’ve ever sung around your dog before, you might notice that some dogs like to join in. They even try to sing!

According to Psychology Today, dogs actually have a musical preference and even a sense of pitch. It is why when you hear a group of wolves or dogs howling, they don’t end on the same note. Just look at Bowser the Siberian Husky! He enjoys bath time so much, the only way to express his happiness is by singing. It makes sense that Bowser can sing so well because he is a Husky! The breed is built a lot like wolves.

Huskies weigh about half the amount that wolves do, but are very similar in build. Maybe Bowser thought he was calling out to his wolf brothers?

Once the groomers started to wash Bowser, he began belting out a tune. From the big smile on his face and the tongue hanging out of his mouth, you can tell how happy he is!

Since being shared in early January, the video has been liked over 10,000 times. Everyone just loves Bowser’s beautiful voice!

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