Owner asks husky ‘How are you?’, Husky gives adorable response

This clever girl is a Siberian husky who can actually talk. She loves having conversations with her owner, even if they aren’t about anything in particular. The interaction between the two is simply adorable.

In a lot of ways, Mishka is just like any other dog. She loves lounging around, playing, and spending time with her human. But she also has an incredible attention span. She has picked up on the way humans talk and carefully tries to recreate it.

“Good morning, princess. How are you?” the husky’s owner asked her as she jumped up onto the couch. “Are you doing good?” he inquired twice.

Mishka’s ears pricked up both times she heard the word “good.” This is one word the dog definitely understands. But what she did next could be considered proof that the pup understands much more.

When asked if she wanted to talk, Mishka replied with a soft howl. She seemed to be saying, “Yes.”

The two continued their conversation, and the dog let out a long reply each time it was her turn. She and her owner traded phrases back and forth; it really seemed like they were talking together. Check her response below as full video !

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