Depressed rescure dog refuses to eat or move, but everything changed when little boy came

Nala is a pit bull who was rescued off of the streets of New Zealand by Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue. Her rescuers had no idea where she had come from or what her story was; they only knew that she needed help. One of the workers, Abbie Van Der Plax, tried everything to get this dog to eat. When she was unsuccessful, she feared that would be the end of the pup’s story. After days of visiting the dog, Abbie had still not seen Nala move an inch. The poor pup was terrified. This already underweight dog was losing more weight fast, and no one could get her to eat. Abbie was at a total loss.

Then she made a breakthrough. One day Abbie brought her son, Zach, to work with her. The seven-year-old boy made a huge difference – when he was around, Nala acted like a completely different dog. Suddenly she was eager to play, and she even started eating.

This pup still had a ways to go before she was back to healthy, but she was finally on the right path. Abbie brought Nala home as a foster pet so she could prepare for life in a forever home. Until then, she spends her days playing with the worker’s two loving sons.

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