Firefighters refuse to give this dog up, after they find her abandoned in decript house

In January 2017, New York-based animal rescue organization No More Pain Rescue received a call about a pit bull abandoned by her owners in a decrepit house. The house had no electricity or heat, and so when a snowstorm hit New York, the dog’s owners left. They also left their poor dog Ashley in the freezing house.

She ran up to Mahnken, tail wagging, and jumped straight into her car. Mahnken and Favor wanted to get Ashley to a warm place as quickly as possible. She had friends at the New York City Fire Department’s Fort Pitt Station, and she knew they had had a station dog before.

Favor found Ashley and brought her outside. Mahnken was shocked to see how skinny the poor dog was—she later found out that Ashley was 25 pounds underweight. She also had cigarette burns on her head. But even though the dog was in pain, she was still as joyful as could be.

The firefighters also quickly fell in love with Ashley. A few days after she arrived, the firefighters called up Mahnken and asked to keep the pitbull.

Ashley has a great life at the fire station. The firefighters take her for tons of walks, and she also gets to run and play on the station’s roof. When she’s not running around, she usually hangs out in the kitchen, where she gets endless treats. She also goes on small runs with the firefighters, and she even has her own seat in their firetruck!

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