Stop doing these 4 things to your dog

  1. Big hugs

Dogs don’t naturally hug each other, so not all of them understand that this is a sign of affection. In the wild, putting your arms over someone else is typically a display of dominance. Your dog may think you are challenging him rather than loving on him.

  1. Too many words

Other animals cannot understand our human language, so purely talking to them doesn’t do much good. Dogs are, however, tonal animals, meaning that they can pick up on the tones we use when we speak. If you want to communicate with your dog rather than confuse him, try to use small, meaningful gestures when you speak, and be sure to use a tone that matches your intentions. If you are saying “No” say it firmly, and if you are rewarding your dog, use a light and cheery tone.

  1. Patting their heads

Like most animals – and like humans – dogs don’t actually enjoy being touched on the head or face. They are willing to put up with the behavior because they know it is a sign of affection, but they would prefer to be pet on their backs. Or if they really trust you, on their bellies.

  1. Keeping them too close on walks

It makes sense that your dog doesn’t want to be kept on a tight leash. As an intuitive animal, your dog can tell when you are stressed. This energy transfers over to your pet, causing them to stress out when they don’t need to. That, and it is just plain uncomfortable.

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