Grandmother things dog is going to attack her girl, does not realize he is saving her life.

A dog is one of the best companions a parent could give a child.

Adam and Donya DeLuca adopted a dog for their seven-year-old daughter, Molly. This new addition to their family was a German Shepherd named Haus.

The pup began to jump around in a panic. “He kept jumping back and then forward, and he did it three times,” Donya later described. When Molly’s grandmother saw this aggressive behavior, she immediately assumed Haus was going to attack Molly. Luckily, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Haus saved the little girl’s life in an extraordinary way. As the two wandered outside, they came face-to-face with an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake. These snakes are extremely dangerous – this one struck out at Molly in full attack mode.

Haus sprang into action. He jumped in between the snake and Molly, desperate to save her from its bite. The snake bit the dog three times, but the young girl was safe.

The dog’s family began to worry that he would not recover. He needed much more intense medication than most dogs that suffered from snake bites. Haus was prescribed an IV drip with antivenin instead of the usual vials of antivenom. The dog needed to be on constant medication for four days.

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