Dad records baby girl crawling for the first time – Their dog response quickly goes viral.

Before you can learn to walk, you must learn to crawl. This little girl had some special motivation. This baby was inspired to move by the family dog. As he laid on the floor playing with his toy, the little girl stared at him. She wanted to get closer to him, so she did something incredible. She began to crawl for the first time ever. Luckily, her parents were prepared. They quickly got out their camera so they wouldn’t miss a moment of this special occasion.

As the baby faced the dog and began to move toward him, his attention turned away from his toy. He watched her as she stuck out first one arm, then the other, and slowly propelled herself forward. As the two locked eyes, a big smile stretched across her face. After extending both arms, the little girl kicked each of her feet in an attempt to propel herself forward. Her knees slid across the carpet as she pushed her weight forward. After trying to pick her arms back up, she plopped on the ground. It would take a few tries before she could finally reach the dog.

At last, the girl got her goal. When she was only a stretch away, the dog readjusted his paws so that he was facing her. He extended his nose and sniffed her. Then he did something positively adorable.

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