This Husky Puppy is lonely – Then she goes to the shelter to pick her own kitten

Raven, the friendly little Husky, was adopted as a puppy by Christina in July of 2015. One month later, Christina decided the little puppy needed a friend. Christina definitely wanted Raven to have a friend, but the owner also knew she couldn’t just pick out a friend for the pup.

Friendship doesn’t really work that way. Instead, Raven would have to pick a friend herself.

Christina and the pup headed to the shelter, excited to find a new member for their little family. While they were there, Raven met kitten after kitten, but none of them seemed like a good match. Some kittens seemed disinterested; others weren’t fond of Raven’s gentle nuzzles.

Finally after 4 potential candidates, the happy Husky found the best friend she was looking for in Woodhouse. Woodhouse and Raven are the perfect match.

The two love playing and chasing each other around the house before winding down for a best-friend snuggle.

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