This homeless man freezes so he can keep his dog warm

When it is cold outside, going without shelter can be dangerous. A Detroit man knows that all too well. He has been homeless for a little over six months. His only companion has been his dog, Max, who he rescued as a puppy. Things started going downhill for Julian Terrance when his young son died. Then, he found a small puppy and had a new reason to live. His pup saved his life and helped him get over the loss of his son. Julian had no job or a home, but he knew he had to do what he could to help the homeless pup.

Being homeless with a dog makes it even harder to get back on your feet. Julian couldn’t even go to a shelter, because they don’t allow pets, and he refused to leave his dog.

Julian wouldn’t have to worry about feeding him or leaving him alone to go to shelters or even job interview. Julian wasn’t sure about it at first. He and Max had been together for months, and he had come to enjoy their time together. The rescue made him a deal that they would not let Max get adopted by anyone else and would simply care for him until Julian could get back on his feet and make a better life for himself and his dog.

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