Pit Bull refuses to let go of her best friend when a man came to adopt him at the shelter.

Merill is a three-year-old pit bull, and Taco is an eight-year-old Chihuahua. Like humans, animals can form unbreakable bonds with each other. These are extremely loyal creatures who would do anything for their loved ones.

These two pups are no different. During their time at the rescue shelter, Merrill needed surgery. The operation was a matter of life or death, and Taco proved to be a true friend. This loyal dog did not leave Merrill’s side during the entire duration of the surgery.

Now, it was Merrill’s turn to prove her loyalty to Taco. When a potential owner came in looking to adopt an animal, he fell in love with Merrill. But the pup refused to leave Taco’s side. When the adoptive father came to pick up the dog, Merrill would not stop crying.

Neither would Taco. It was clear that these two pups could not be separated.  Now, Merrill and Taco are happily living at their forever home. These dogs will be best friends for the rest of their lives.


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