Woman’s elaborate ‘dog house’ raises eyebrows on TikTok: ‘Oh to be rich’

You never really know how other people are living. And let’s face it, wealthy people have access to far more resources than the average person. So when a TikToker, who goes by the pseudonym Chip Girl, posted a video of her gigantic dog house, people were shocked but not surprised that someone with the means would go all out like this. This decor will transform your space into a winter wonderland:The footage showed a dog lounging on a large bed inside of a two-story home.

The first floor had tons of space, giant windows and a decorated Christmas tree. Meanwhile, the upstairs had a balcony and a built-in hammock.

The dog’s quality of life looked a lot more luxurious than plenty of humans. Chip Girl’s video received over 5.8 million views. People were in disbelief — and they had good reason. “Is this a joke? Dog is living nicer than me,” someone asked. “Oh to be rich,” another said.

“This is larger and much nicer than my current apartment,” a user commented. In fact, the dog owner clarified in the comment section that she was just goofing around. “This is clearly a joke. Waiting on furniture to be delivered,” Chip Girl said.

Hopefully, she didn’t have to let her dog down too hard after all this. See this bedroom turn into a vibrant oasis after an incredible one-day renovation