Woman was punished by cop same way like she left her dog in the hot car

We all know that you should never ever leave a dog in a hot car…which can happen at temps lower than you think.Shelly Nicholas went to the grocery store and found the cop waiting outside her car. The officer interrogated her and put a detailed account as to why on her report.

She called KOB News to report this incident only to backfire on her.It turns out that when their reporters went and asked for the officer’s side of the story, there was far more telling evidence against Shelly than the officer. The truth is far from what this woman claimed happened. Thanks to this officer’s lapel cam, the truth was clear as crystal.Officer Vincent Kreischer was in the parking lot of a grocery in Truth or Consequence, New Mexico, when he saw something very concerning considering the heat that day. He saw that there was a dog locked inside the car.It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and leaving that dog inside is totally reckless.

Plus, it’s against the law. Aside from that, there is a law that protects the welfare of pets.Most laws concerning animal welfare prohibit such acts. Leaving a pet inside the car without any ventilation is a crime, and the punishment can range from Class 1 misdemeanor to imprisonment. Leaving a pet inside a car in extreme heat is fatal and is considered animal cruelty.Doing so could lead to heatstroke. It will only take less than 15 minutes for your dog to die in heatstroke, especially on days with extreme temperatures. And even if it is cooler outside, it is still never safe to leave a dog inside the car on warm days as temperatures could rise in just a few minutes.

So, when Shelly Nicholas arrived in the parking lot, Officer Kreischer called her out.In the lapel video, you can hear Officer Kreischer telling Nicholas of what’s going on, but she claims she “only left the dog for ten minutes.” The police officer then showed her a chart of the heat temperature outside;

leaving the dog for 10 minutes means it could get as high as 114 degrees. However, Nicholas seemed like she was taking it lightly and showed zero remorse.He wrote her a ticket on Misdemeanor – Animal Cruelty and told her that she could wait inside her car and close her door if she thinks it’s not that hot. She did it to her dog, anyway. He talked to his fellow officer, saying: “She gives me an attitude from word one, and then she doesn’t want to close the door. So, I’m like, ‘Oh, but it’s OK if your dog does.’” It’s funny how karma worked in this situation.